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Wool Wax Creme

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Wool Wax Creme was developed by Margaret Harrison, a pharmacist in the service of the nucleonic division of a contractor. They had requested a protective hand cream for the laboratories who were in the research work. At the request of pharmacists and residents in the area, it was also placed on the market for consumer use. Since it contains lanolin and has a waxy appearance the product was called Wool Wax Creme. "Formula AT-10", was added to the name of the skin cream to signify that this was the tenth attempt to perfect the formula. Besides lanolin, Wool Wax contains emollients and emulsifying agents.

We carry three scents of Wool Wax creme - original (which just has a lotion type smell), Huckleberry (subtle berry smell), and unscented (which literally is void of scent for those sensitive to smells). 

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