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Romney Roving - In Stock

Romney Roving - In Stock

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4oz 100% Romney roving

I hand picked this Romney from a farmer out of Illinois. We skirted and sorted the fleeces before sending them to a small Kansas mill for washing and carding into roving. The roving is ready to spin, pre-drafting should not be necessary. Since this is not commercial combed top you will find bits of straw and other field bits in the roving, you can pick it out as you find it but most should fall out as you spin. This Romney has truly been a labor of love.

If you order dyed to order along with a any other in-stock items, they will ship when your dyed to order is complete. Due to variations between monitors, color images displayed here are an approximate representation. None of the colorways created by Nerd Girl Yarns are endorsed by, imply endorsement or have or imply an official connection with characters, films or rights-holders they are inspired by.

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