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Mothman - In Stock (select base)

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Mothman is a cryptid typically seen around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. First reported to be seen in 1966, Mothman is described as a "large flying man with 10-foot wings" and "large bird with red eyes". Since his original sighting, Mothman has become quite the local celebrity with his own statue, festival, and museum. 

Our Mothman colorway is available on the following yarn bases in stock and ready to ship. For more information on each base (content/weight/yardage), please see our yarn information page here.

This yarn is in stock and ready to ship. If you order dyed to order along with a any other in-stock items, they will ship when your dyed to order is complete. If you are interested in a special order of a larger quantity of this color, please contact us.

Due to variations between monitors, color images displayed here are an approximate representation. None of the colorways created by Nerd Girl Yarns are endorsed by, imply endorsement or have or imply an official connection with characters, films or rights-holders they are inspired by.

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