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Milk & Honey Anywhere Balm

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“Anywhere Balm”—you could call it just “lip balm” but the truth is, just like the Milk & Honey lotion bars, you can use it anywhere: lips, feet, cuticles, elbows, dry skin.  This half ounce tin is perfect for tossing in your knitting bag, purse or pocket. As with the Honeybee Lotion Bar, Milk & Honey uses only local beeswax; local, organically-grown calendula, almond oil, coconut oil, and plant-based, pure essential oils of lavender & peppermint.  

I have been using this in lieu of my favorite Burt's Bee's chapstick and cuticle cream and love it. It absorbs into your hands even faster than the lotion bars so you can go right back to crafting. 

Toss it in your next order and try it out! Makes a great add-in for a swap!
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