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Man Tea Single Tea Bags - Adagio

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Man tea - perfect for the mister in your life or when you just want to reminisce about the Ward Cleaver days. If Dean Winchester was to make a cuppa, these would be the teas in his cabinet.

Sugar Daddy is bursting with the energy of life-affirming ginseng green tea. Man Cave has the earthy whiff of leather and beer nuts. Lounge Chair Lapsang is a cup filled with the aroma of Dad's favorite pipe or a contraband stogy. Savory. Get it by the bag, the trio, or pick up a full gift set right here. These are limited edition offerings so first come first serve folks!

Here's the low down on your flavors:

Sugar Daddy
It takes skill, wisdom and finesse to manage a family. Tangy orange and energizing ginseng green tea make a contemplative blend for savoring the joys of fatherhood. Blended with green tea, orange peels, hibiscus, rose hips, ginger pieces, ginseng flavor & orange flavor

Man Cave Tea

Smooth, strong, earthy and a little nutty. Perfect for your manly pursuits. Blended with honeybush, oolong tea, pu'erh tea, red safflower, hazelnut flavor & almond flavor

Lounge Chair Lapsang

Generations ago, dads were notorious for sitting back with a favorite pipe or good stogy to relax and enjoy a quiet moment. Today's dads have it better: all the nuance and satisfaction without the hazards. Just sit back and savor. Blended with lapsang souchong, black tea, cherries, cornflowers, caramel flavor & wild cherry flavor

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