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Joking in the Face of Death

Joking in the Face of Death

  • 2400

  • Founding member of the Scooby Gang
  • Treasurer of the We Hate Cordelia Club
  • High proficiency of sarcasm
  • Experienced in vampire hunting and melee combat
  • Expert in construction and repair

    Shown here on Bounce & Stomp.

    Our colorways are dyed to order. Each and every order is hand dyed on the yarn base of your choice just for you. Dyeing our colorways to order allows you to get exactly what yarn base you want in exactly the quantity you need in the same dyelot. Please allow us time to complete your order, we keep the front page of the shop updated with time to complete & it is also available at the bottom of each product page. Please see the yarn base menu for the full range of choices. To learn about the yarns, please see the information here.

    Due to variations between monitors, color images displayed here are an approximate representation. None of the colorways created by Nerd Girl Yarns are endorsed by, imply endorsement or have or imply an official connection with characters, films or rightsholders they are inspired by.
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