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Welcome to the Fiber of the Month Club

Please bookmark this page for easy reference. 

We are super excited to have you join the Fiber of the Month Club from Nerd Girl Yarns. Each month you will receive one braid of fiber in a random fandom colorway. We try to mix them up and keep the sections and colors fresh so that no two months are alike. Club ships on the 10th of the month with only two exceptions; if the last day falls on a Saturday we ship the Friday before and if the last day falls on a Sunday or holiday (including USPS shipping holidays) then it ships the following business day. 

Membership perks: Members in Nerd Girl Yarns clubs are eligible to receive 10% off their shop purchases. Please use coupon code ngyclub at checkout to receive your discount. Unfortunately the discount cannot be applied to club membership fees or gift cards but you can use it for club reorders. 

Reorders: We dye a few extra braids every month and also offer the colorway in the shop for a limited time as dyed to order for club members only. Colorways post in the Members Only section of the shop two weeks after ship date. 

Address Changes: Please contact us at if your address changes so we can make sure your package is sent to the correct address. 

Billing Cycle: The FotM Club billing cycle runs from the 21st of the month through the 20th of the month. Your first club shipment will depend on your signup date. If you signup by the 20th of the month, then your first shipment will be the 10th of the following month. For example: if you signed up by April 19th then your first ship date would be May 10th however, if you signed up on April 21st then your first ship date would be June 10th. Unfortunately we have to be pretty strict with the billing cycles so that we can ensure we have all the fiber dyed & packed for members in time for shipping. The good news is if you signup after the billing cycle cut off (see the previous example of the April 21st signup date), you've prepaid a month ahead so if you cancel you will receive one more month. 

Billing Cycle Calendar:

December 21-January 20th: ships February 10th
January 21st-February 20th: ships March 10th
February 21st-March 20th: ships April 10th
March 21st-April 20th: ships May 10th
April 21st-May 20th: ships June 10th
May 21st-June 20th: ships July 10th
June 21st-July 20th: ships August 10th
July 21st-August 20th: ships September 10th
August 21st-September 20th: ships October 10th
September 21st-October 20th: ships November 10th
October 21st-November 20th: ships December 10th
November 21st-December 20th: ships January 10th

Additional Questions? We have a club FAQ here that answers general club questions. 

Need to cancel? We hate to see you go but thank you for being a member! You can cancel within your PayPal account or by clicking the unsubscribe button below: