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Dyed to Order Status FAQ

What does my order status mean?

Scheduled - We have received your order that includes dyed to order yarns/fibers and have scheduled the work to be done. 

In Prep - Your yarn/fiber is being skeined, prepped, scoured and soaked to prepare it to be dyed. This stage can take a couple of days.

Dyeing - Your order has entered the dyeing stage. This includes the actual dyeing and color setting of your yarn/fiber, as well as washing, rinsing and conditioning. This stage usually takes a few days.

Final Processing - You order is being dryed, reskeined (if needed), twisted, and going through our quality control process. This stage usually takes a couple of days.

Quality Check & Order Packing - Your order is in our shipping guy's hands. It will be checked again, tagged, and packed. Once it's ready to head your way we will send you a shipping notice with a tracking number!

Complete - Your order is complete and has been shipped, yay!