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Dyed to Order Status FAQ

What does my order status mean?

Dyed to order can take up to 14 business days, especially in the wool months of high demand, we know waiting can be tedious so we try to update the orders to keep you abreast of what's happening with your yarn. If we are slammed and you aren't getting updates on the order status update page, drop us a line and we will let you know where it's at.

Scheduled - We have received your order that includes dyed to order yarns/fibers and have scheduled the work to be done. 

In Prep - Your yarn/fiber is being skeined, prepped, scoured and soaked to prepare it to be dyed. This stage can take a couple of days.

Dyeing - Your order has entered the dyeing stage. This includes the actual dyeing and color setting of your yarn/fiber, as well as washing, rinsing and conditioning. This stage usually takes a few days.

Final Processing - You order is being dryed, reskeined (if needed), twisted, and going through our quality control process. This stage usually takes a couple of days.

Quality Check & Order Packing - Your order is in our shipping guy's hands. It will be checked again, tagged, and packed. Once it's ready to head your way we will send you a shipping notice with a tracking number!

Complete - Your order is complete and has been shipped, yay!