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Designer Support

Nerd Girl Yarns loves to see original works created with our yarns by fibers artists around the world. If you are a crochet or knitting pattern designer working on developing a pattern from Nerd Girl Yarns, please feel free to contact us. We sometimes do seasonal design calls for new colorways but we also offer general ongoing yarn support in our existing colorways or work with independent designers to create colorways to coordinate with their design.

Please be familiar with our yarns and dye styles before contacting us for full yarn support. We offer yarn tasting sample cards and swatch samples.

Designs need not be new but in order to qualify for yarn support the published pattern must be updated to list NGY as the only intended yarns. When requesting yarn, please remember we specialize in dyed to order yarns and do not typically carry stock. It may take 2-4 weeks for us to dye up the yarns for your project. 

To submit your request for yarn support please include the following in your email:
  • Sketch of your design (don't worry about being an artist, we just need an idea of your plan).
  • Clear photo of a swatch of your stitch pattern (using our yarn is helpful but not required).
  • Detailed description of your project
  • Designer bio, tell us about yourself. Does your heart beat faster at a cupcake sighting? We'd love to get to know you.
  • Project timeline.
  • Contact info and Ravelry username.
  • Your choice of yarns/colorways and quantities requested.
  • Compensation level you are requesting.
  • Information/links to your previous designs or portfolio of your fiber arts work.

Nerd Girl Yarns carries many different bases for nearly every type of project. Please see our Yarn Information page for details. All colorways currently available for dyed to order are displayed hereIf we offer you yarn support, you will be required to list Nerd Girl Yarns as the exclusive recommended yarn for your design.