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About Us

In 2010, Nerd Girl Yarns was founded to bring the love of color to fiber artists the world over. Launched as an online shop, Nerd Girl Yarns brings indie hand dyed yarns and fibers to those who want more than big box yarn. Each skein is handled no less than seven times to ensure that each customer is thoughtfully considered and for quality assurance. 

Outgrowing the capacity to run NGY out of the home, NGY moved into a commercial studio in 2013 and since then has added an additional fiber artist to the ranks. Being energy efficient and environmentally conscious has always been important to us. We use EnergyStar rated, low amperage, commercial ovens to set the dyes. The added benefit to these is that it protects the yarn from overheating as over cooking yarn can damage the wool and a steady, low heat has been shown by researchers to be the very best for wool. 

All of our dyes are non-toxic and low impact. We use no harsh chemicals in any step of our dye process. 

Every skein and fiber is dyed by hand and inspired by nature, books, movies, games, pop culture and fandoms. While you will find some items in stock, most of our colorways are dyed to order. Dyed to order is a semi-custom process of making each yarn or fiber colorway to order.  

At NGY it's not just putting an order in a shipping envelope, it’s about hand dyeing every yarn and fiber for someone and thinking about them the entire time we are making it. We feel like every customer is a friend and we learn what bases are their favorite, what colors they prefer, and what fandoms they love because we spend quality time with their orders. Often times we get to help their friends and family pick out gifts for them on birthdays and holidays and we feel like our entire customer base is part of one big knit/crochet group night. No order is insignificant, no order too small. Every single customer is important.

The Family

linuxchic of Nerd Girl Yarns

Christa aka C
linuxchic on Ravelry

Owner of Nerd Girl Yarns, dyer,
photographer, media manager, order
fulfillment, customer service, webmaster,
sysadmin, tech support, and anything 
else that needs doing.

Crocheter, knitter, spinner, maker, reader, geek,
crazy cat lady, open source fangirl & lover of hand knit swants.

Boy Genius

Sebastian aka Boy Genius
on Ravelry

Apprentice dyer, shipping manager, booth guy.

Gamer, maker, audiophile geek, sci-fi fanboy.

Loves pancakes & pandas. 

Crocheter, beginning spinner, avid gamer, and linux fanboy.


Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder 

Prep, reskeining, labeling, and mover of heavy things.

Gamer, sports fanatic, zombie fanboy, wrestler.

Loves cats, handknit socks & tunes.



Ani (short for Anakin)

Studio cat

Loves naps in the sun, sleeping on hand knit poufs in front of the heater

Isn't impressed with catnip but really loves feather toys.



Erik aka the Kid Herder 

Post office runner, label guy, shipping dude, heavy lifter.

Husband of linuxchic, designated driver on margarita nights.


Holtzmann the studio cat intern


Studio cat intern

Spazzy, loveable, and always in trouble.



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