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About Dyed to Order

What is it:

Dyed to order is literally just that, dyeing to order. We've created a catalog of repeatable colorways which we are constantly adding to (and sometimes retiring from) that you can choose to have dyed onto your choice of available yarn bases in a variety of weights and blends. Dyeing to order takes a bit longer than grabbing product from the shelf because we have to create it and the process takes a bit of time. More on that in a minute.

Our dye process:

Slow dye, take it easy! Ah, now I have an earworm.

After a lot of research we've developed our own slow dyeing process. Slow dyeing is slowly heating yarn to temp over a longer period of time in a cooler oven before holding it at the minimum recommended temperature. It takes a lot longer to set dye this way but research has shown its much better for the wool fibers. Hard to set colors and really saturated colors have to have their temperature held even longer to fully set. Colors also set their best, especially with the intense saturation we are best known for, if they are allowed to rest and cool over night before washing. 

We create colorways for their inspiration. It's an art so we work to get the colorway just right. Sometimes that means it's a little more labor intensive but we aren't doing this just to make fat sacks of cash (har har), we are doing it because it's our passion. We want to be efficient but we want to maintain our art so quite often our colorways take a little more time to produce. One day we may have an army of dye elves (if I can ever let go of that control) but for now it's just me, linuxchic, and Boy Genius as a dye assistant and every single thing is dyed by hand.

Why do we do it:

Unfortunately, heat can be really bad for wool. Too much heat, heating too fast, or heating too long are all especially bad. Too much heat not only damages the fibers but can also strip superwash treatments from wool. Since we pride ourselves on our high quality merino and other fibers we take extra care to ensure the fibers aren't damaged during the process of adding color. We dye by hand because we want to maintain the art of the skein so you won't find any robots or industrial dyers in our studio.

What it means to you:

The long and short of it is good yarn takes time and if we stop selling good yarn then it means we've shut the doors. Providing good yarn, good service, and pretty colors is what we do.

To check where your order is in our dye process...

Click on Account then Order Status from the top menu bar then use the form on the page to enter your order number and your email address to perform the lookup. The NGY Order Status will show where your yarn is in the dye process.