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Level Up! Fiber Scouts

Level Up! Fiber Scouts

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Level Up! Fiber Scouts is a new adventure of fiber & technique exploration. Instead of randomly shipping out a colorway/breed combo, each package will be themed to a specific skill/challenge. Whether you are an experienced spinner or new to making your own yarn, we hope you will join our quest to learn & perfect our handspinning!

Shipments are sent out every other month to give you time to explore the techniques in each package & participate with your fellow scouts in our Ravelry community. Each package will include:

  • 6-8 ounces of fiber in easily digestible portions of two to four different fiber types/preps
  • Cards to document your samples on for easy review
  • Text documentation
  • Access to online video instruction/demos
  • An achievement unlocked merit badge pinback so you can proudly display your accomplishments on your purse, bag, jacket, or suspenders.
  • Level Up! Fiber Scouts Ravelry board to question, discuss, or show off with your fellow scouts.
  • Access to members only fiber reorders - If you find you really like one (or more) of the fibers within your package, you can reorder for a larger project!

Payments are broken up into monthly increments to make the club easier to digest with the first payment at the time of sign-up. Members can sign-up for a six month tour (3 shipments, renewable) or a full year (6 shipments).

Here’s our twelve month map of exploration & discovery:

  • October 2018: Cheetos & Puffs - Spinning worsted & woolen.
  • December 2018: Wing Man - Twisting the perfect singles for each project.
  • February 2019: Slippery when Spun - Spinning with slick fibers & blends.
  • April 2019: The Long Game - Exploring longwools.
  • June 2019: Swingline Staples - Spinning fibers with mismatched staples.
  • August 2019: Color Shredding - Plying for color.

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